Welcome to Markku Kupiainen Photography

On these pages I've assembled thousands of high-quality photos from the last 25 years. First photos were taken in 1983, when I was studing  German in Vienna summer university. You can find photos from over 60 different countries, they are divided by country or in different images categories. Working in travel business has helped me a lot to reach even remote destinations and cities.   

I´m  'a Nikonist "- First slides were taken with Nikon FG20, and then with Nikon F80 body with Tamron lenses. Digital era was started with Nikon D100 and year 2009 I moved to the Nikon D300 body. In recent years I have been using the Nikon optics, VR 18-200mm all around zoom, which is ideal for travel shots. Find more information about Nikon from Nikonin pages.



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